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Finding an IT expert for your company is not an easy task. The high specialization required by certain positions in specific fields is a big problem for companies, usually because the candidates who apply do not have the appropriate level of expertise required or those who meet the technical expectations are demanding an exorbitant salary conditions for an SME, even for big enterprises and corporations.

Although finding qualified specialists is one of the biggest challenges for companies, you should also have in mind, whether the human resources staff of your company is prepared or have the knowledge to face the process of hiring those expert profiles in such new technologies. There are several reasons that can cause future issues when hiring IT specialists.

Hiring a freelance IT expert or a remote specialized technician is a possible solution and has many advantages.

The difficulty of selecting the right IT expert

 It is common for human resources departments to be specialized in areas such as the legal field, administration, human resources, sales…but not many have personnel specialized in technology: developers, engineers, systems technicians, cloud specialists, solution architects.

 Inadequate management of candidates in a hiring process means failing to select the best-prepared professionals or those who better fit the requirements of the position.

 These incorrect choices lead to poor resource and infrastructure management, project delays, incorrect designs, cost overruns and many inconveniences that cause the company to incur in large economic losses. This is a basic problem that needs an urgent solution. Otherwise, we will doom our business to failure or inefficiency from a technological point of view.

Outsourcing these services using freelance IT experts can make things easier for your hiring process, and facilitate the way to success in your projects. Companies specialized in recruiting these technical profiles can be a great idea.

Lack of IT experts

Among the most demanded IT profiles are specialists in cloud services, database experts and full stack programmers. Suddenly, a new innovative technology appears to be the holy grail for the future, where salary expectations and the number of professionals increases rapidly. This is what has happened with Java programming: about ten years ago there were very few programmers who were proficient in this programming language. However, a multitude of specialized courses and masters in Java are now being promoted and the general population knows the term. This solves part of the problem, as there is a fairly broad professional base nowadays , although there is still a shortage of specialists, seniors and IT experts in all technological disciplines.

Are you looking for System Engineers, Cloud Architects, programmers or IT experts in the upcoming new Technologies for your projects?

 Nobartek is the startup you were looking for your IT recruitment needs. We make it easy for you to hire local or international IT professionals and freelance experts with the following advantages:

  • We provide remote techs with different levels of expertise (juniors, seniors and architects) at low rates.
  • Our techs have experience working with European companies on CET business hours, in addition they’re ready to work out of office hours (OOH) to fullfill customers 24/7 requirements and interventions on weekends.
  • For customers safety and trust, we also include with our freelancers a Professional indemnity insurance.
  • Hiring a temporary IT expert will provide cost savings and reduce your OPEX, offshoring is the new way of hiring IT techs.

The current situation that COVID-19 has brought us has changed the paradigm in the technology sector, so offshoring and remote work have taken on greater importance and have lowered the costs of hiring expert workers in different technologies It no longer matters in which country in the world the technician resides, but now the experience he has and the benefits he can bring us in a short period of time for our projects is more important.

Do not hesitate to contact us! Let’s chat on how to reduce your IT costs.